La Mañueta, emblematic 'churros' bakery
Audioslide Show | 03:23 min | Pamplona-Iruñea, july 2010.

'La Mañueta' is a really short and funny documentary piece about the labour of the Fernández-Elizalde family at their churros 'bakery' in Pamplona, a 140 year-old store.






La luz en el cuarto oscuro
Audioslide Show | 03:24 min | London, july 2010.

An intereview with Mr. Sadeq Saba, Director of the new Persian BBC channel.

The Persian BBC Service has revolutionized the TV on Iran. Despite it is banned, people used to watch it. Their programs which allows direct participation of viewers, tv programs about technology, music and debates about all kind of issues without taboos, and their philosophy of impartiality has made it one of the most viewed channels on Iran, Tadjikistan and Afghanistan. And it is probably the most unbiased of them, in words of its director.






Fishermen of Angmassalik
Audioslide Show | 04:53 min | Kulusuk (Greenland), May 2008.

Video-documentary about traditional fishing in Angmassalik bay, at Greenland's East coast.








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