Freelance journalist and photographer
I was born in Pamplona-Iruñea (Navarre) in 1985.

I studied Journalism, a four-year degree, at the University of Navarre (2003-2007) and I am self-taught photographer.

Since 2007 until now, I have published articles and photographs in a wide range of printed and online magazines and newspapers in Spain such as ABC, La Vanguardia, El Mundo de los Pirineos, the weekly magazine Tiempo de Hoy, Nuestro Tiempo,, regional newspapers such as Grupo Noticias, Berria or the Bolivian magazine Pie Izquierdo and others.

In January 2009, I covered the collapse of the Icelandic Government and wrote about the crisis from Reykjavik; in February I was invited as a journalist to visit the Saharawi refugee camps in Southern Algeria; in April I photographed the massive demonstrations and protests against the G20 summit in London. Also in spring 2008, I visited a lost Eskimo village in Greenland’s east coast.

In September 2009, I traveled to Bolivia to report on children who work inside the mines at Potosi, with a view to writing a series of different articles about child exploitation in Latin America. Recently, in 2010, this investigation about child miners has been awarded with the journalism prize of the Spanish NGO ‘Manos Unidas’, which is given yearly to distinguish the best example of journalistic work published in Spain about developing countries.

I am interested in personal stories, ordinary people, human rights, refugees, childhood, conflicts, peace and development.

I speak Spanish and English. Apart of my mother tongue, which is Spanish, I understand the language of my homeland, the Basque. I am learning French and recently I started to study Russian.




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