Guarani women bending it like Beckham

In the remote area of the Bolivian Chaco, women from Urudayti, Camiri and Boyuibe train every night for Sunday’s match. A year ago, local men were absolutely terrified and shocked about the idea of women playing football. That was simply not acceptable.

This is the timid and apparently innocent revolution of these women. For many of these Guarani native girls –most of them also teen mothers- have been very hard try to emulate Beckham’s female version. It has cost to them a bad word or even a blow from their husband, boyfriend or father.

In a region depressed by poverty, beset by malaria and Chagas disease and in a very sexist environment, these women have taken football as their safety valve, sport is a way to recover their smile, their confidence, dignity and start a revolution about the women’s role in the Guarani society.






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