Nomads do not use fridge





Landlocked and lost in the entrails of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan is a fakir country: sleeps over a bed of nails, the 80% of its territory are enormous peaks. Mountains which touch the sky over the 7,000 meters. Kuban Kurmanbekovich is a taxi driver and one of the last kyrgyz nomad shepherds. In his yurta he reads books of Napoleon and dreams with Paris.




Kuban tries to convince me that he is a direct descendent of Ormon Khan (1790-1855), a local leader who ruled the kyrgyz tribes during the Russian Empire. "I am from Mongolian race, don't you realize?", says to me. "Look, look", he insists while he stretches the corners of his eyes with the fingers. We roar with laughter together because I am not able to distinguish Mongolians, Uigurs or Dungans.

Kuban Kurmanbekovich is a kyrgyz nomad shepherd. During the Winter, when it is not possible to spend the time up and down with the yurta in highness of the Tian Shan range, Kuban and his wife Elnura Almasbekova lives with their three children Arsen (5 years old ), Adelina (3) and Esen (a one year old toddler) in a humble house in Talastan.




A place not far from the capital of the country, Bishkek, but crazily disconnected, meandering between roads and narrow valleys. In Soviet times Talastan used to be a road cafe in the middle of nowhere on the way to China or Tadjikistan. Elnura laughs when I ask about the frigde: even in winter or in summer always is cold for nomads. They never use frigde.




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