Anarchy in the UK



In April 2009, in the middle of the most dramatic point of the global economic meltdown, the 20 ‘self-named’ most powerful countries/economies of the world celebrated their annual meeting in London.

Around this G-20 summit occurred some of the most massive protests against the banking system and economy policy in Europe.

Also there were groups demanding solutions over various long-standing and topical issues, such as war on terror, concerns over fair trade or climate change.


But the main protest took place outside the Bank of England, celebrating a “carnival to overthrow capitalism”. Demonstrators referred to this 2nd of April 2009 as “Financial Fool's Day”.
Thousands of people took the financial hearth of London: Students, families, children, retired people, Londoners and foreigners. The protest started at 11:00 with four planned parades, each led by a ‘horsemen of Apocalypse': one against war, other against climate change, another one against financial crimes and the last one to eradicate borders.



The protest at the Bank of England degenerated into a riot around 14:00 when some windows of a branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland were broken by a group of protestors.

Following the damage to the bank there were violent confrontations between Police forces and demonstrators. Several people were injured. Police used batons and gases. But the cordon around protestors didn't allow them to go out of the square, increasing gradually the violence.

That day London's city went into Anarchy during a short range of hours.




















































































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